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Darin Professional Centre
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Greenslopes, QLD 4120

About Us

Women's wellbeing, Greenslopes has been created to provide an exclusive, comprehensive health service for women living in Brisbane and South East Qld. Our mission is to help women reach their full potential by providing high quality healthcare in a supportive environment. We allow time for your concerns to be heard and work together with you in creating a healthier future.

Our signature flower: The frangipani

The frangipani was chosen because it represents many of the qualities we aspire to in our work at the clinic.

The frangipani’s perfection of form, colour and smell provides a stimulation for your soul. It is the frangipani’s true nature to ease fear, anxiety, negativity and lack of confidence. It’s five petals represent Sincerity, Faith, Aspiration, Courage and Compassion.

The oil that is extracted from the frangipani flower is rich, heady and exotic, with a deep expansive quality.  It is believed to restore inner peace and harmony. The frangipani has a calming effect on the senses as it will connect you with nature, make you feel grounded, alive and most importantly, remind you to take in lifes experiences and pleasures.

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