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Vitamin D - What is all the fuss about?

Ask your doctor now especially if you're planning for pregnancy.

In Australia, we have always been rather complacent about the need for Vitamin D supplementation. After all, isn't Vitamin D activated by the action of sunlight on skin and no one is in any doubt that we have plenty of available sunlight?

However, the introduction of sun-safe habits has drastically reduced the amount of sun exposure we experience. Wearing long sleeved UV protective clothing, rash shirts, hats and using effective sunblock on exposed areas,reduces the risk of skin cancers including melanoma but also drastically reduces the opportunity to manufacture active Vitamin D.

Certain groups in the community are at greater risk of Vitamin D deficiency including pregnant women,the elderly, housebound patients,patients with osteoporosis or women from certain cultures wearing traditional costumes.

At women's wellbeing the doctors have been testing patients for Vitamin D levels when indicated and we have been surprised by the incidence of low levels.Vitamin D deficiency affects bone health in women and the foetus during pregnancy. It also plays a part in muscle stamina and pains and in some patients affects their mood and general sense of wellbeing.

Vitamin D is present in oily fish, eggs and certain margarines. Most people however will need to take a supplement of vitamin D capsules or drops for 3 months until levels return to normal.

So remember to ask your doctor at your next visit whether a Vitamin D test is indicated.

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