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Implanon is a single, flexible sub-dermal implant which is 4cm x 2mm in size and contains 68mg of a synthetic progestogen called etonogestrel. It is designed to be inserted under local anaesthetic directly under the skin of the inner aspect of the non-dominant upper arm. The implant releases approximately 40micrograms of etonogestrel/day which inhibits ovulation by suppressing the LH surge, increases viscosity of cervical mucus, reducing sperm penetration & motility and provides effective contraception for 3 years. It is effective immediately if inserted during day 1-5 of the patient's menstrual cycle. At any other time in the cycle it is important to be certain that you are not be pregnant and alternative contraception should be used for seven days after insertion.

It can be inserted with immediate effectiveness in women:

•               on combined oral contraceptive (pref. pill free interval to minimize bleeding irregularities)
•               on Depo Provera before next injection due
•               after termination of pregnancy

It is a highly effective, convenient contraceptive method provided it is inserted correctly at the correct time of the menstrual cycle.

Removal of Implanon after correct insertion is a simple procedure under local anaesthetic. After removal, etonogestrel levels fall rapidly and are undetectable after a week and the majority of women will ovulate in the first month.

Women's Wellbeing offer both insertion and removal of Implanon. Phone 3394 4644 to organise an appointment with your doctor to discuss whether this method of contraception is right for you.

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